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Thread: Randy Couture vs Kurt Angle (apparently it is on?)

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    Default Randy Couture vs Kurt Angle (apparently it is on?)

    In an audio interview with the Between the Ropes radio show (, Kurt Angle said he is fighting Randy Couture in an MMA style match this summer.

    Angle said he and Randy Couture have agreed to fight in a legit MMA-style match this summer. He didn't specify which promotion they'll work for or what type of match they're going to have.

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    A WWE superstar could never fight in the UFC or simular MMA Promotion!!! What a stupid idea... I reckon they'd get heel hooked if they ever even dreamt it!!!

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    Or kneebarred
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    I agree, but nobody told Brock Lesnar!
    As far as I'm aware Kurt Angle was a lefit wrestler before going into WWE, I think he won an olympic medal or sumat.

    But himfight Randy? I don't see the point, the fight would last about a minute.

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    He got a heavyweight gold medal in the Olympics i think.

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    Yeah Gold Medal in Atlanta 96 Heavyweight category.

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    Should have been silver though, the guy KILLED him, literally threw him around like a rag doll... the opponent went nuts when they announced Kurt had won

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    He Won A Gold Medal With A Broken Frickin Neck!!!!!!!!!!

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    I can't see him being allowed to fight MMA in the US on medical grounds. His neck is seriously fucked, i think he needed two or three neck fusions already.

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    As much as its a fair point to knock the idea, I would actually like to see this happen.

    Brock lesnar was an elite calibre free style wrestler and was unprepared for a submission expert of Mir's standard.

    Randy has a fantastic pedigree in wrestling and has evolved his style to blend the best from freestyle and greco roman into functional and effective techniques for MMA fighting.

    While we are all consistently surprised at how well Randy's boxing and submissions seem to improve each outing, I still like the prospect of an Olympic Champion Wrestler squaring off against him. Would give the edge to Randy but if Angle has trained stand up to a decent level and can G N P, this might be worth watching.

    Granted Randy did once outstrike Chuck Liddell, so would be interesting to see how he would approach Angle. Would be surprised if he could stuff the takedown.

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