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Thread: Randy Couture vs Kurt Angle (apparently it is on?)

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    TTT for broken freakin' necks

    Career highlight video
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    Angle talks the talks....

    But i'll believe it once he has been sanctioned to fight (which is unlikely) and he walks into the cage, the cage door gets bolted and the opening bell goes.

    ...until's just more idle talk from Angle who has spent the last 12 years talking about fighting in a MMA bout, but hasn't actually done it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kainer2 View Post
    ...until's just more idle talk from Angle who has spent the last 12 years talking about fighting in a MMA bout, but hasn't actually done it.
    Randy isn't much better these days...

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    Like Kainer says, take it with a pinch of salt until if/when there is an official announcement.

    Angle is a decade removed from legit wrestling training, and his body is seriously, seriously fucked.

    The 1996 Angle entering MMA is one of the great "What Ifs?", and that is the way it should stay.

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    its gonna be a grappling match
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    ''This could even be a slobberknocker King!!!!!''

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    I think it would be something on TNA...

    Apparently Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley are having an MMA match on the next pay per view and TNA intends to have one MMA match per pay per view in the future... somehow I reckon it'll be fake, even if they say it ain't

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    PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:56 am Post subject: Kurt Angle Admittedly not Ready for MMA Reply with quote

    John Morgan - TAGG Radio, for Mar 14, 5:33 pm EDT

    Buzz Up

    Although professional wrestling superstar Kurt Angle will compete against UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture in a submission grappling match later this year, don’t expect Angle to immediately follow in fellow professional wrestler Brock Lesnar’s footsteps—at least not yet.

    Angle discussed his upcoming grappling match, as well as a possible foray into MMA with a potential seven-figure deal with the UFC, while a guest on Thursday’s edition of TAGG Radio (, a content partner site of (

    “I’ve always wanted to do (MMA), from after the Olympics, and I just never got the shot,” Angle said. “I’ve been keeping myself in really, really good shape, but not in the fighting shape you have to be in to go into MMA.”

    Instead, Angle will first try his hand at submission wrestling, which is essentially MMA without striking. The match will be Angle’s first in Rico Chiapparelli’s Professional Submission League, while Couture has competed in the organization before, battling Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza to a draw. The date of the event has not yet been determined, but Angle believes it will take place in late summer or early fall.

    lets see what happens

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    meh... I wanted blood.

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