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Thread: Randy Couture vs Kurt Angle (apparently it is on?)

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    Hope so... if not I'll jump over the croud barrier and chuck randy a chair whilst one of you guys takes out the ref

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    Angle beating Randy at MMA is as likely as Silva beating RJJ at boxing.

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    Ian = incorrect

    How many people has randy submitten on toe hold?

    ANgle has better subs and wrestling.
    He used to tool brock lasner as warm up
    Insert whiny message

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    Angel is a great wrestler but he's a joker. Does anyone remember when Angel said that with 6 months boxing training he could beat Chuck Liddell standing and on the ground . . . it was on some radio show.
    I'd rather sweat in the gym than bleed from my ring . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxingbrit View Post
    Angle beating Randy at MMA is as likely as Silva beating RJJ at boxing.
    How about a tag team match : Angle & RJJ vs Randy & Silva?
    Quocunque Jeceris Stabit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob.sdcs View Post
    Ive always wanted to do (MMA), from after the Olympics, and I just never got the shot,
    Try training in MMA and then arranging a fight.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReD_mIst View Post
    Try training in MMA and then arranging a fight.....
    Lol. you realy think anyone would face the truth. its true, its true
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    TNA Champion Kurt Angle has said for years that he would like to get involved with Mixed Martial Arts. In a recent radio interview, Angle said he is currently training for a MMA fight with UFC Heavyweight champion Randy "The Natural" Couture. While Angle is known for making some outlandish statements, billionaire Mark Cuban has shed some new light on what would be one of the biggest MMA fights of the year. spoke to Cuban this week and asked him whether he heard about the fight and if he'd consider airing Angle vs. Couture on his "HDNet" cable TV channel. Cuban responded, "They are trying to make it happen and it will be on HDNet."

    On a side note, Cuban also told them that he's still interested in working with Floyd Mayweather on a joint venture in the future.

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