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Thread: Dan Hardy Live on Sherdog Radio

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    Default Dan Hardy Live on Sherdog Radio

    Dan hardy will be interviewed live on the Jordan Breen show on the Sherdog radio network at 8.30pm uk time. Dan will be talking about his upcoming fight on Cage Warriors USA, his ongoing negotiations with Elite-XC and his future.

    Live on the Jordan Breen show 8:30pm UK time on

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    Thanks for the heads up!

    I wonder if they'll talk about weight cutting seeing as on Tuesday's show Breen said wtte of "Hardy's an idiot for not cutting to 155".

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    listening now...Dan's merking Chad on the radio..''gonna split his head open''..Brilliant!
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    Missed it. Its not on the front page yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predator View Post
    Missed it. Its not on the front page yet
    Podcast via Itunes - thats what I do with all the Sherdog stuff.
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    good interview dan
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