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Thread: afl newport

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    my man ........................!!!!

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    so ????????????????

    is mike fighting on the next bill???????????????????
    i wonder.........

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    yeah.....hes fighting you

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    Anyone know the fight card yet?
    I love hitting people, its one of my favourite past times!!!

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    why u hate on mike so much? man up and say who u are.

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    mike has done great things for mma ,u should give the guy some respect.

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    keep your hate to yourself .

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    oh yeah when i lost my job mike told me to cancel my direct debit straight away and carry on training till i got sorted thats the mike i know.......

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    Talking I think i know who he is

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    Either you would get your ass kicked or I would (which has happened before). I don't care. I have never said I could kick your ass, try learning to read.

    You are a pussy though, so you will just keep jibbering on with retarded childish insults on here. It's not my fault your dad touches you.
    I think its chris finch from 'the office' i would be careful if i were you he once threw a kettle over a pub and reads a book a week!

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