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Thread: Any decent used kit for sale?

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    Default Any decent used kit for sale?

    Looking to start kickboxing and mma training.

    anyone got any kit for sale?

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    is this in keeping with the theme of your username?

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    something like that

    already got doug dedge's mouthpiece

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    I have a used groin guard. 50p plus 1.99 p&p.
    Let me know if you want it, I can wash it for you first if requested.

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    yes and covered in barbed wire.

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    but you say you would clean it

    should stop scrotal infection

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    I say don't wash it and build up a natural immunity to scrotal infections

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    might toughen up the immune system

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    mines not infected

    If you want kit though, I have lods of focus pads (10 per set), shin and instep guards (15), a couple of body armour things (TKD style) (20each), and loads of lightweight jigsaw mats (10 for 6).
    Cheap postage depends on how much yuo want.


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