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Thread: Interesting thread from UG on heelhooks.

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    Default Interesting thread from UG on heelhooks.

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    At our comp on saturday, I asked in the rules meeting what the consensus on heel hooks was. Almost everyone agreed they should be removed, with the exception of one or two guys. I think I will ban them in future simply because many people do not train them enough to make them safe and although it did affect one person's game (I had to remind him no heel hooks were allowed), I think you can do other leg locks from the same positions that are just as effective but less dangerous - Part of the Bristol Alliance

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    Interesting; personally I hate being footlocked and if anyone goes near my heels I feel panic. I agree with the thread that they should be trained, but personally, I don't like them outside of pro-mma where people are being paid for the risk, or high level sub-grappling/bjj where people should be well aware of the risks.

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    I had my heel hooked several months after i had fallen and twisted it. Even though i was tapping it took my partner a second or two too acknowledge but by then it was too late Damaged tendons on the inside of ankle. Its not been the same since.

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    Nice thread. Funny how things change, not that long ago I raised similar points about heel hooks in a no gi competition and got told to basically 'man up'.

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    Long thread, only read the first page.

    I use them in training when rolling with more experienced guys but just hold the position and rarely actually apply pressure (especially if they moving about a lot). Most higher level grapplers know they are caught with a heelhook so unless they have an ego problem we usually just acknowledge it then just release it and carry on.

    A lot of people say that the problem is the gap between pain/pressure and injury is too small. That's very true but I think it's just as much the lack of opposing resistance you can give. If someone gets you in an armbar, even if it's almost straight, you can resist enough with your bicep to slow it down and tap. Same goes for a lot of other subs. But with the heelhook you don't have the musculature to really resist that rotation. They are also often an opportunistic submission people do (when swept for example) and catch people by surprise. If someone is in mount and going for an armbar it's usually obvious you are in a bad position but a heelhook can come out of nowhere, even if you have good position. Also, a lot guys who do heelhooks don't control their opponent well enough with their legs so end up putting it on quick to beat their spin out. Just some of the reasons I think they are dangerous!

    So, I like heelhooks and use them but think there are many reasons they are dangerous. I don't think they should be allowed in competition except at the highest levels.

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    use them from a early stage, and dont be suprised by them later
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