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Thread: LMAO (stolen from EFN forum)

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    Default LMAO (stolen from EFN forum)

    Friday night at Eddie Bravo's place, Eddie and Joe Rogan are enjoying the health giving benifits of the 'vapourizer'

    EB: hey Joe, wanna see my new move?

    Eddie demo's said new move..

    EB: It's called the 'gammatron space attack'
    JR: kinda looks like a kimura.
    EB: well it ain't, it's the Eddie Bravo gammatron space attack...
    JR: Im jus sayin' kinda looks....
    EB: you dissing my jitz Joe?
    JR: Nah's just...oh, never mind...I'm digging you're gammaspace arm crank...
    EB: you mean 'gammatron space attack'
    JR: yeah...that's what I
    EB: that's ok Joe, we're buddies, no problem....hey Joe...look at my hand, it's, like, all 3D and stuff!
    JR: coooooooooool!
    EB: coooooooooool!

    Eddie and Joe study each others hands for some time, then....

    EB: you want cookies?
    JR: ooooooh yeah!
    EB: I'll go get some....
    JR: you da man.

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