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Thread: just starting out and need some help

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    i'm not ttly sure what i want to do TBH,i would like to just do some training on my own and see how i feel about going to a gym.

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    i stay in grangemouth mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinylkiller View Post
    i'm not ttly sure what i want to do TBH,i would like to just do some training on my own and see how i feel about going to a gym.
    (If you plan on learning to fight and/or actually fighting one day, rather than just doing it for fitness) That is probably the worst thing you can do from a motor learning perspective. What you will do is teach yourself how to punch (or whatever) badly/dangerously, which will take months for someone that knows what they are doing to correct further down the line. Of course, if you are just looking at hitting a bag for stress release, the advice may differ (although getting enough technique to minimize you chances of injuring yourself would help).

    If I were you I would decide what I want to do, find someone that knows what they are doing and ask them to help you achieve it.

    This advice does not only apply to hitting a bag.

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    hey that is great advice mate cheers very much,anyone stay near me that can help???

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    Run some classes in Grangemouth itself and I think the Headhunters train in Linlithgow for MMA but their forum is members only. EDIT turns out it's Boness that the Headhunters train out of!

    If you want to do this get to a class and do it right, it's not only better training but so much more rewarding than training on your own.
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    Hi mate, i train at headhunters come down and train here is a link for the web site you can access the forum from there,


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    just another questions guys is their any other product cheaper than the MAXIMUSCLE CYCLONE??? and underdog can you tell give me some info on head hunters like how long a class is and how much they charge???

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    classes are wed 8pm till 9.30ish
    sat 6pm till 7.30/8 depends if we get thrown out or not.
    Classes are 5 a time or you can go on dd and pay monthly cant remember how much that is, i am training tonight mate come down to the boness Recreational centre for 8 and you can see for yourself, take the first step mate and start the journey.

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    how about next wed mate??? i'll defo come down

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    cool mate see you then.

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