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Thread: New MMA club in east London - Spartans Vale Tudo

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    Thanks Furious,

    And again-good luck,i hope it all goes well.

    Best Regards


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sham View Post

    Do you mind if I ask your name?

    Sure mate, rude of me not to introduce myself,
    My name is Brandon Clifford. I have a 3-1 record in pro mma (0-1 on sherdog - bastards!) so not the worst but definately not the best out there.
    I have trained with Roger Gracie academy, London Shoot, Straight Blast and vulcan wrestling in Dublin, and various boxing and thai boxing gyms in and around london.

    I never make claims to be the dogs' but I love mma and have always had an ambition to open a gym. My plan from day one was to out-source the coaching to those that really know their game and I believe thats what I am doing. I have a partner in the gym - Juliusz Malik, an ex-pro bodybuilder from Gdansk in Poland, he self admitedly states he knows very little about mma but is a sucessfull business man and helped me sourse the coaches.

    Hope this clears any mystery!

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    Hi Brandon so if you weren't talking about Carlsons I take it you were talking about 'bully boy' tactics at London Shoot?


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    Quote Originally Posted by furious View Post
    No worries, jay dont know you and will judge everyone by myself rather others doing it for me.
    Plus there are many guys training at those gyms mentioned which should be banned for bully boy tactics towards novices but are not.
    I'm not joining any witch hunts and will accept anyone through the door as long as they behave.
    Hey Paul,
    was not refering to either club, something I should have said when I was replying to Simon. I should have chosen my words more wisely,(hindsight is a wonderfull thing) because I was not refering to shoot either - I shouldnt have said "at those gyms mentioned".

    Just to clear this up, I have never trained at carlsons but have heard it to be a sound gym. I have trained at shoot and KNOW It to be a great gym, I havent trained there in a long while now but still have many friends there with who I keep in contact.

    I never seen any bully tactics at shoot and was refering to things I have seen at other gyms that I have trained at since leaving london shoot.I SHOULD HAVE CLARIFIED THAT. I seen a seasoned muay thai guy hammer the shit out of a novice and the instructors watched and did or said nothing. I also seen an experienced bjj instructor continue choking a begginer even though the guy tapped about 30 times just so he could show how effective the technique was.
    Neither Paul or Alexis at shoot would tolerate this sort of bullshit and have allways matched up guys of equal abillity.

    Really sorry Paul and Simon as I can see by my response to Jay how you guys may have got pissed !

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    Classy post by Brandon - all the best with the new gym. You're actually just down the road from me, so will try to stop by and say hello.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydarrell View Post
    Graham anyone who knows me knows what i'm like ! I'm a real person not no
    Same could be said for Aaron, he's never backward in coming forward!
    Martin "50 Cal" Stapleton

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    Good luck with New School. Next time we in London we will stop by.
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