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Thread: New MMA club in east London - Spartans Vale Tudo

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydarrell View Post
    Yes good luck with the gym furious ! More competion is better for everyone.

    P.S Graham I look forward to meeting Aaron in person and he can bring his
    shit on and maybe we will agree to disagree but as long as he keeps
    it real and not fake out.
    cheers for keeping me in the loop there jay. im all for keepin it real!! "all those peeps who be playa hatin, watch out for jays kickz cos dey is devastatin."

    see, i can rap too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by graham cooke View Post
    cheers for keeping me in the loop there jay. im all for keepin it real!! "all those peeps who be playa hatin, watch out for jays kickz cos dey is devastatin."

    see, i can rap too!
    I'm killing time before I teach my next class ! That was funny Graham hahaha
    ha !

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    Hi Furious, bringing this back on topic, do you know which BJJ team Marcin is from and who he got his purple from? And is the BJJ with the gi or without?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydarrell View Post
    Er it matters to you because you want to shit stir trouble and its blatantly
    obvious ! I tell you what Redmist ! If you ever see me please
    feel free to come over and talk your shit in front of me and not on this
    forum ! Thats not a threat I actually want to see how much front you got
    in real life and not on your keyboard.
    Christ Jay, why do you have to keep ruining threads. Isn't having your own forum to do that kind of thing enough

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    thanks to all for the support, even if things went a little off topic - no harm done. Marcin Dragun( Bjj instructor) has told me what school he was involved with in poland and who awarded him his purple but I'm fucked if I can remember. I will be seeing him on thurs and will get more details that I can post here. The Bjj will be no gi for the time being but we will consider a gi class in the future (I believe it makes a more rounded ground game for a fighter)

    What we are really looking to provide is a gym that trains aspiring fighters and encourages them to compete at a suitable level. We dont want to be one of those gyms that just takes your money and concentrates on the few elite guys in the gym. Anyone that displays a will, we will encourage.

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    Gym sounds great. I must come visit it sometime

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    Quote Originally Posted by furious View Post
    No worries, jay dont know you and will judge everyone by myself rather others doing it for me.
    Plus there are many guys training at those gyms mentioned which should be banned for bully boy tactics towards novices but are not.
    I'm not joining any witch hunts and will accept anyone through the door as long as they behave.

    Furious,Good Luck with your gym.

    I don't believe we have any guys using 'Bully Boy Tactics' towards novices.
    In fact when i partner up novices i always explain to their partners that they are beginners and to apply submissions slowly and for Americana's and Kimura's i tell my fighters to TELL the beginner to tap as they apply them.
    We don't allow leg and foot locks for beginners.
    We very rarely have people get injured and 90% of people who come training at the Gym end up joining.

    Have you experienced "Bully Boy Tactic's" first hand at Carlsons or have we got a reputation?

    Best Regards

    Simon @ Carlsons

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    Thanks for the support simon, Please accept my apologies if I offended you with my statement. I was not refering to carlsons . I have never trained at carlons so therefore cant comment and believe what you say 100%. I have met some guys from carlsons at shows and they have all left a good impression.
    Again, my apologies.

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    Do you mind if I ask your name?


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    good luck with the club
    Strategy can subsitute for talent, but talent will never subsitute for strategy.

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