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Thread: Pride 3: Sakuraba vs Newton

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    Default Pride 3: Sakuraba vs Newton

    Pure grappling match. Saku's groundgame is pretty unorthodox, really amazing, he gives his back all the time but still beats a lot of world class conventional grapplers.

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    I love some of the Pride grappling matches, always seemed like alot of respect shown for the grappling ability of each fighter, both couldve been striking all the time but chose not to. Saks Kimura from giving back is trademark (or was before Chutebox!). Sak v Renzo is classic!

    Shame Pride is no more, but am sure will see Japan rise up again.

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    I know that sak was a wrestler before an mma fighter..

    but what style was his ground game based upon? A combo of wrestling and Japanese Jitz??

    Maybe it was a combination of all styles with an individual slant thrown in there which made it so exciting and unorthodox to watch...

    Highly effective tho as be beat some off the best mma grapplers on the planet at that time...

    Aoki looks like the next generation of highly talented japanese mma grapplers..his technique is sick..

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    Sak is from a catch-wrestling background I believe, like Josh Barnett. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    Sak is from a catch-wrestling background I believe, like Josh Barnett.
    yeah i was gonna say he was a catch wrestler. His style was awesome at that era dominating All the Gracie's put in front of him at the Time the Gracie where a force.

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    That was a bad time for the Gracie's , Sak was going through them like a bowling ball.

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    Sakuraba, legend. Just watching Zinoviev v Sperry in EF1, some amazing grappling going on there Zinoviev got out of some unbelievable stuff ending Sperry's 272 for 0 record, forgot just how good that fight was.

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