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Thread: Hell Yes #19!

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    Quote Originally Posted by die hard View Post
    I think you should fight Karo Parisyan soon as i belive you would beat him and the fact i dont like people who think they are better than others because he has been on the ufc like when he kicked off on the tuff show , i would even fly to the states to see you G&P him into the canvas.
    The annoying thing about Karo 'The Ego' Parisyan is that he is also fucking good though. I don't know enough about Dan to say he would/wouldn't beat him but unfortunately for all of us hoping Karo gets a shoeing there aren't many in the world that can give him one (in his weight class)

    And of course, congrats to Dan on the ranking!

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    You'd beat quite a few of them, IMO. Can't wait for you to get a chance to smash up some big names.

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    Awesome result, think it's time to get on a bigger stage now tho mate...time to shine worldwide IMO.
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    IMO Dan can beat alot of big names. Not because hes the most skilled fighter in the world but what he lacks in skill he makes up for 10x in Heart, Agression and VERY hard training. I aint saying he aint skilled lol ( He taps me with his rubber guard all the time lol) But he knows what i mean

    On saturday his striking was awsome and IMO would of gave most people in the world trouble. Always doubling up, Creating angles and crisp combos. Take down defence is improving with every fight and he is very hard to sub.

    I really cant wait till he fights a top name because i know he will win. As the bigger the fight the harder he trains. His mentally really rubs off on the team aswell and its a shame when he goes back home (LA)
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    to the top for dam. 19th man thats awesome! yoshida is oon borrowed time imo! good luck cracking the top ten!

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    Well done mate. You deserve it. Keep it up. top 10 v soon.
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    Go on Dan.....oohhhh look where Chad is

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    Everyone at CW rates the Fight Matrix rankings highly

    Dan is the joint highest rated Uk fighter in those rankings along with rosi Sexton who 19th in the Women's p4p section

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    Congrats dan

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    That is an awesome acheivement Dan and well deserved.


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