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    Calligraphy is one of the ancient part of the human culture. It has been brushing up together with script. It is characterized by the permanent striving for perfection. The art of handwriting both ancient and contemporary, its aesthetic distinctiveness should be taken tremblingly, with reverence.

    But alas… a typewriter, computer, communicator… The mankind is rapidly going away from the "handmade speech", that's is the words written on parchment, elm, paper or on turns. The scientific articles, novels, verses and love letters, all these we type on the keyboard.

    But things are not too bad! Recently there was initiated a new project "International Calligraphic Exhibitoin". Its main goal is to form beautiful and healthy society through the art of calligraphy. The exhibition will be opened on Seprember 16th at the St.Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture n.a. I.E. Repin. One of the mottos of the exhibition: Calligraphy is the frozen poetry.

    The exhibition will include the works of the leading calligraphers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. To clearly understand the flexibility of calligraphy there will be organized a special exposition of the calligraphic schools of Europe, Baltic states, USA, Israel, China, Japan, Cyria and UAE.

    The framework of the exhibition will also include the museum exposition displaying the historical manuscripts of different centuries. Children and their parents, and all the comers will take pleasure of the calligraphic lessons and interesting lectures, while the professionals will take the opportunity to brush up their skills at the master-classes.

    On May 14th at 2 pm there will be organized the presentation of the International Calligraphic Exhibition at Crocus Expo. At the presentation one will see a part of the master-pieces of the calligraphic gallery, which everyday is added by new works and authors.

    Source: "International Calligraphic Exhibition"

    P.S.: I would add for myself: undoubtedly, they do the right deal. Russia has always been living with fervor. The least I can do for the exhibition, in which I trust and believe it is right and necessary is to present this beautiful art to the wide audience, to you, dear forum participants. I would be grateful if the art of calligraphy awaken interest and a drop of enthusiasm.

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    lol... one of the least compelling pieces of SPAM ever... at leaast with the "Russian Nympho in Group Orgy" SPAM there is the attraction of a bit of gash. All I get with this is some nice handwriting!

    Who on earth is going to be interested in this...... hold, John RH?

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    LOL. 10 out of 10 for character analysis

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