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Thread: Casting for UK MMA Movie sat 3rd May

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    Default Casting for UK MMA Movie sat 3rd May

    There is a new MMA movie being made this year by UK film company NBpictures.
    sat 3rd may they are casting whilst doing a screen fighting seminar at The revolution gym in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

    If you are interested in being in a uk mma movie please attend the seminar (cost 10) and cast for the film.

    you can book a place by phoning Revolution gym on 01225 755090
    starts at 12pm- 3pm

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    If I was interested in being 'pond-life' then an MMA movie would be a fun start. Don't suppose there's a working title yet...just curious?
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    Smile Title

    The working title is "CageD"
    The good thing about this movie is no trick kicks or moves that wont work. Just real MMA. Hence looking for real mma fighters to play fighters in the movie

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    So you have to pay 10 to cast for a film?? Dont want to be abrupt but i have neevr heard that and souns like a con to me!

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    I'd love to be in a film but dont know where wiltshire is and ifit is a con i'm not losing out on my 10 + petrol.

    Gonna have to stick to stealing Ian Freemans mic for a bit of extra TV time

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    I dunno. If I was to be in a film I'd want the main role, and at least 2 sex scenes with some fit birds (bareback).

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    that's 20 mins from my house - Part of the Bristol Alliance

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    Default movie casting

    the 10 cost is for the seminar (screen fighter workshop) thats what you would be paying for.
    Learn how to build choreography
    reaction skills and drills
    stunt fighter conditioning
    develop your show reel.

    The seminar is good fun and informative (i've been to 2 of them) but whilst doing the seminar NB pictures will also be looking for fighters to cast in upcoming MMA movie Caged.

    So you pay to take part in the seminar but depending on your abilities etc you could possibly get cast as a fighter in the film!!

    There is no Con!!
    You pay for the seminar and with it you get a chance to cast for a film whilst doing the seminar!!

    You can check out NB pictures other work at or or

    It's a chance to get cast whilst doing a fun seminar and i thought some fighters might be interested so i posted it on here

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