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    Default ref services

    anyone who needs an MMA Ref for their event from July onwards, drop me an email.
    'ARE YOU READY!?!'

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    Paul Jenkins
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    Dear Ref. I wish to purchase your services.
    For an undisclosed fee, I wish to ensure that any fight of mine, over which you officiate, that I 'win' by opponant disqualification from either causing me undue mental stress by scaring me through intimedatary tactics i.e. turning up, or from having nicer shorts than me.
    Cheques in the post...

    The Hands.
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    Default ssshhhhh!

    Quiet man, or everyone will figure out what's been going on at all those shows you've been fighting on.
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    Default Ref services??

    Grant I,m getting some pretty weird phone calls latey of funny sounding males wanting to have thier phot taken with the Ref???
    and they keep asking if he,s the guy in leather trousers.

    Is this another one of your Ref services that we ought to know about??? BWAHAHAHAHAHA

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    Default ??

    Firstly how did they get through? you're always engaged.
    Now you know I'm not that way inclined, and I think that kind of stuff is immoral, and I haven't really got the time, but how much were they offering?
    'ARE YOU READY!?!'

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    Default how much??


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