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Thread: Vodka & Skittles......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside View Post
    i always put coke in mine
    I always put coke up my nose.
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    Few of my mates snorted vodka one night (off a dirty old tv) and one proudly proclaimed it was better than heroin.

    It became quite a regular thing back in the day.

    One of my guilty pleasures is Vodka and Pineapple juice out the fridge.

    Of course the best mixer for Vodka is MORE VODKA!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlameBoy View Post
    I used pineapple cubes on my stag night 8 years ago!! tasted lovely!!

    I think I remember this as being thicker than Super T's and not quite tasting lovely!!!

    I have also made Marshmellow Vodka, cut up a bag of marshmellows and let them dissolve. MMMMMM
    Chilli Vodka!! That blew my Fucking head off!!

    And Vodka water melon never fails to get people pissed at a party!
    Cut a small whole in the top and empty a bottle of vodka into it over 2 days, cut open and serve in VERY alcholic wedges!

    Ohh and not to be forgotten Vodka jelly!! MMMMMM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post
    I always put coke up my nose.
    dont it get a bit fizzy though??

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