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Thread: Skipping rope, whats best?

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    Default Skipping rope, whats best?

    Whats the best skipping ropes out there? ive always used the cheap plastic ones you get for about 5 (bbe,golds gym etc) is there any better? ive been looking at the taurus henry cooper sponsored one it looks good how its made and where the ropes are attached on the top of the handle. are these good?

    any help is appreciated


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    Just buy a standard leather skipping rope, less than a tenner and will last a life time... I have used the same one for the last 18 years!

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    depend what you want it for!!!!

    speed work/cardio? or arms/shoulder muscle endurance?

    I like the speed ropes that I think your talikng about - however - I also like the heavy plastic/wooden handled Thai ropes - they are a bitch to heave around and - fuck - "THE TOE PAIN" but they are really beneficial.

    Get both and mix it up

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    It depends on what you want to use the rope for.

    For fast speed work go for the cheap plastic ones. The Taurus is very, very fast due to the way the handles are designed and it can be cut to the exact length to suit you but they are not cheap.

    To build shoulders up too go for the Heavy Thai style tube rope. These are are really difficult to use and workout your upper body.

    If you think the cheap plastic ones are too light then go for a heavier solid rubber rope or leather rope. Again these get a bit pricey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReD_mIst View Post
    Just buy a standard leather skipping rope, less than a tenner and will last a life time... I have used the same one for the last 18 years!
    is it still in the packaging then??

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    we've got the speed ropes in stock, 2 plus p&p. black, blue or pink for the real men.

    In the equipment section.
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    where could i get hold of the thai ropes?

    (il have look on your website wfc)

    is the taurus better than the cheap plastic ones in terms of speed. its abit of a mix up which to get out of these 2. but i will definatly like to get a thai one

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    Quote Originally Posted by richn View Post
    thats the boys, they kill

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    you can also get ropes with weighted handles.... adds an extra dimension to your skipping workout.

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