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Thread: N.e.g.c Rules & Fighters List

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    Default N.e.g.c Rules & Fighters List

    The 2nd Annual North of England Grappling Championships
    Sunday 25th May 2008

    All four referees have had a meeting this morning, Dave Elliott (head Referee), Trevor Mitchell, Andrew Fisher and Scott Ramsey, have all agreed on the following rules:

    The Championship is knock out tournament style, with only winner going through to the next round.

    If the fighters go out of this area the referee will restart the fight in the center of the mat, in the same position they were when they left the mat. If the fighters were standing, they will start again facing each other.

    Legal Techniques
    Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the wind pipe).
    No use of T-Shirt and no holding the shorts allowed
    Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock
    Straight Knee Bar & Straight Achillies Lock ONLY

    Illegal Techniques
    "Full Nelson" and "Crucifix"
    No striking of any kind
    NO HEEL HOOKS, NO figure 4 foot locks.
    No eye gouging or fish hooking
    No grabbing the ears
    No hair pulling
    No finger or toe holds
    No thumbing
    No scratching and pinching
    No kicking
    No biting
    No touching groin area
    No hands, knees or elbows on face
    No slippery substances allowed on body or clothing


    2 - Takedown
    3 - Passing the guard
    2 - Clean Sweep
    2 - Knee Ride
    4 - Mount
    4 - Taking the Back (hooks in)
    3 - Legitamate (tight) Submission Attempt

    Each position must be established for 3 seconds or more for points to be awarded.
    When changing multiple positions points will be awarded only for the position that has been established for 3 seconds or more.
    Reversals are NOT considered Sweeps.


    If a fighter breaks the rules twice he will be disqualified by the Referee


    6 minute rounds - 8 minutes for ALL Finals

    first 3 minutes - NO POINTS SCORED
    Final 3 Minutes - POINTS SCORED

    (finals 4min/4min)

    In the event of a points draw, the match will go to SUDDEN DEATH

    Winning by
    Referee Decision

    Mens Weight Classes
    - 67kg
    - 73Kg
    - 79 Kg
    - 85 Kg
    - 91 Kg
    - 97kg
    97kg +
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    Anth Meston – GB Newcastle
    Decca Henderson – GB Newcastle
    Mark Platts - Knuckledraggers
    Paul DW Hartley - Team Machine
    Ryan Chatterjee - independant
    Bill Couldis - GB Newcastle
    James Neil - Morcombe MMA
    Shadu Ali - Fighting Fit
    Richard McKie - CCA
    Shay Walsh - Morcombe MMA
    Chad Mole - Pheonix MMA
    Brian Blewitt - GB Newcastle
    Simon McGovern - McGovern Academy / GB Lagarto Team
    Ant Murphy - Sucata BJJ
    Joe Morgan - Dickson Sub Wrestling
    Danny Sweeny - Dickson Sub Wrestling
    Wesley Trevelyan – GB Birmingham
    Paul McVeigh – The Griphouse
    Scot McGowan – The Griphouse
    Colin Smyth – The Grip House
    Neil McGregor – AFC Newcastle
    Josh Kaldani – the Snake Pitt
    Kris O’Keefe – CCA
    Andy Smith - CCA
    Alfs Miah - Fighting Fit


    Martin McKie - CCA
    Mark Pendlington - CCA
    Alan Bates - Morcombe MMA
    Ben Machin - McGovern Academy / GB Lagarto Team
    James Gannon - Dickson Sub Wrestling
    Karl Taylor – Morcombe MMA
    Drew Hilton – Sucata BJJ Blackpool
    Phil Henderson – Lagarto Redcar
    Jonathon Lane – Independent
    chui kwong man – GB Birmingham
    Nathan Roberts – GB Birmingham
    Oliver Geddes – Roger Gracie Academy
    Vadym Rosi – The Snake Pitt
    Imraz ? – True Spirit Gym
    Micheal Serginson – Total Aggression
    Alex Enlund – Westoe Shootfighters


    Shaun Colfer - BRASA
    Jimmy Fowler - GB Newcastle
    Emmet McGauran - Morcombe MMA
    Martin Scrafton - Spartan MMA
    Jamie Taylor - Middlesbrough Jujitsu
    Neil Duncan - GB Newcastle
    James Lamb - Morcombe MMA
    Danny Speck - BRASA
    Gary Beckingham - Pheonix MMA
    Josh Williams - Morcombe MMA
    Brian Proudlock - Pheonix MMA
    Chris McClarens - GB Newcastle
    Phil Hampson - Manchester GnP
    James Brown - BRASA
    Mark Glover - Dickson Sub Wrestling
    Richard Hill - BRASA
    Fergus Devlin - Dumfries MMA
    Kris Brotherton – Combat Base NE
    David Iverson – GB Birmingham
    Danny Mitchell – Combat Base Doncaster
    Marcus Nardini – The Griphouse
    Jamie Mc – The Griphouse
    Adao Ernesto – The Snake Pitt
    Deano ? – True Spirit Gym
    George ? – True Spirit Gym
    Adam ? – True Spirit Gym
    Dan Alsop – Total Aggression


    David Forster - CCA
    Paul Rice - Sucata BJJ
    Dale Robinson - BRASA
    Micheal Burns - Pheonix MMA
    Jack Sexton – Westoe Shootfighters
    David Nesbitt – GB Newcastle
    Mark Austin - Dickson Sub Wrestling
    Thomas Hanlon - Sucata BJJ
    Mark Hodgson
    Matt Howard – The Snake Pitt
    Micheal Ellis – Total Aggression


    Sam Howey - BRASA
    Keith Kennedy
    Navid Rostie - Fighting Fit
    Dean Brailey - BRASA
    Lee Howes
    Mick Turner
    Lee Dixon - Sucata BJJ
    Shaun Matthews – Lagarto Redcar
    Paul Wyman – Lagarto Redcar
    Mally Maize - CCA


    Jack Tinning - Dumfries MMA
    Craig Bulmer - BRASA
    Dale Percival - BRASA
    Chris Alexander - Combat Forum
    Ian Stew
    Matthew Teasdale - Pheonix MMA
    James Parker – Combat Base Doncaster


    Phil DeFries - BRASA
    James Devlin - Dumfries MMA
    Ryhs Iles - Combat Forum
    Barry Gibson - South Shields Judo Club
    Chris Campbell - Combat Base
    Eddie Turner - GB Preston
    Shaun Horseman – BRASA
    Ian Stew – Pheonix MMA
    Alan Love – The Griphouse
    Garry Christie – The Griphouse


    PLEASE let me know asap if you are in the wrong category or are pulling out of the competition!!
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    Muscle crushes allowed?
    "As Coultas drops down hammer fists, his face has the intensity of a commuter deciding whether to listen to Coldplay or Keane on his Ipod."

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    Why cant the rules be more in favour of the person wanting to submit the other person, as it stands its very bjj'y.

    People aren't going to want to go for submissions if they have scored a few points taking a position.

    tbh it will make it a boring comp if people are more concerned about securing a few positions than actually going for something and making it entertaining.

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    If I score a double leg in my first match I'm just gonna lay in side control / scarf and coast for the win LOL

    Joking but like Chris says this is gonna happen a lot now especially as its knockouts, who is gonna want to give up a good position and a move into the next round just to go for a sub you might not get ?

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    yep, basically i have just had the same conversation wish fisher.

    Sorry but it makes for boring matches

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    Chris you have heard my plan then if we meet in absolute shud we both place in our catergories.

    I lay and pray like a lioness

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    Its up to the other person to know how to escape positions, it takes just as much skill to escape than it does to submit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotty_82 View Post
    Why cant the rules be more in favour of the person wanting to submit the other person, as it stands its very bjj'y.

    People aren't going to want to go for submissions if they have scored a few points taking a position.

    tbh it will make it a boring comp if people are more concerned about securing a few positions than actually going for something and making it entertaining.
    it is NOGI chris, couldnt be any less bjj'y......

    listen i tried judges deisions last time this time i want to try points. whats the problem, play your normal game and go for submission.

    im sorry i cant do rounds but last year i had a total of about 50 competitors in 7 categories + absolute and it lasted hours, this year i have about 70+ pre entries and more promising to turn up on the day. I would love to make it rounds but there simply isnt time.
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    surely when the fight goes to the ground and maybe no advancement of position is attempted, the fighters would be stood up again ?

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