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Thread: Fight Card for 'The Champions' 10th May 2008 @ Cedar Court

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    Default Fight Card for 'The Champions' 10th May 2008 @ Cedar Court

    (1) Dave Hirst (Fulinkazan) -V- Richard Taylor (Taylor MMA) 77kg

    (2) Phillip Hoban (Caged Steel) -V- Chris Jones (Ind Fighter) 83kg

    (3) Pete Hill (Combat Base) -V- Tom Cunnington (Ind Fighter) 70kg

    (4) Nathan Joseph (Filinkazan) -V- Marcin Gorzala (Gracie Barra) 94kg

    (5) Shadu Ali (Fighting Fit) -V- Lee Jones (Ind Fighter) 68kg

    (6) Kevin Coop (Caged Steel) -V- Rick Belcher (Outcast MMA) 65kg

    (7) Bryn O'Connor (Combat Base) -V- Nima Hashima (Ind Fighter) 77kg

    (8) Afzal Miah (Fighting Fit) -V- Decla Williams (Outcast MMA) 65kg

    (9) Danny Mitchell (Combat Base) -V- Chris Noon (Outcast MMA) 77kg

    (10) Danny Carr (Northen Cartel) -V- Josh Kaldani (Ind Fighter) 65kg

    (11) Qasim Shafiq (Fulinkazan) -V- Peter Lynch (Saphire MMA) 84kg

    (12) Andy Reid (Fulinkazan) -V- Scott McLellan (Outcast MMA) 84kg

    (13) Tom Wisnieski (Gracie Barra) -V- Steve Martin (Ind Fighter) 110kg

    (14) Michael Lee (Caged Steel) -V- Ryan Noon (Outcast MMA) 74kg

    Pro Fighters wanted for:

    (a) Justin Wring 34years 6'3" 120kg First Time Pro

    (b) Shane Moss 30years 5'8" 70kg First Time Pro

    Semi Pro Fighters wanted for:

    (a) Kam Patel 24years 5'6" 65kg First Time

    (b) Dean Thorp 36years 5'6" 77kg First Time
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    looks awsome.

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    Have you got any tickets left? I need 2 more.

    Career highlight video
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    Gonna be a great show, well done mate

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    is that dean as in dean from caged steel?

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    Dean trains at 'True Spirit' MMA in Roundhay, Leeds.

    Dave , we only have 32 seats available. Give me a call and i'l sort out your tickets for you.

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    You have learnt well from old hobbo and as such you will be rewarded

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    What I really need though to help promote the event is a free magazine and maybe a couple of tshirts and shorts

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    Can't wait for this show. See you soon Saif.
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