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Thread: Tickets for 'The Champions II' 16th August 2008

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    Spenna, you will shake your head in disgust when i reveal his identity.

    Will give him 2 mins to read and reply

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    hi guys this is lee jones its no big secret that i use the shammy user name. i posted last week about been overweight for my shadu fight using ths user name all have done is given contructive feedback in fact i have not spoken anythiing out of line guys ...........i told you it was a great show for the 1st i am not sure why karni is taking this so badly but he is i did not mean to offend you i sead nothing that i would not say to your face i do not think the allocated seats worked do thats fine..... no need to make a drama

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    cock tease ..... posted before I had seen lee's post .

    what should i do now ..... khanie is a hobo bum ..... oh wait ..... never mind

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    the strongest under 65kg fighter in the uk doing what he does best.......

    dispite a night full of dirty looks from you lee...i still love reading what u write on forums.
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    i think alexander101 is also a fragment of his imagination so look him up and read all his post that just bigup lee. we could have a more sinister version of brad on are hands here.

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    i like how lee makes everyone who has every help him , hate him...
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    scraps is a gay bum and spen is ace

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    i think my success as a amtuer was all down to one man....tom harris..
    being empty of yourself you cannot be attacked because you arent filled by you.

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    i am not sure why what the whole deal about my identitly was alot of guys no i use the shammy name i mean you knew all along karnie i mean you CALLED ME !!! unless you called the moderator to find out who was leaving the feedback if that is the case then you need to understand that if someone leaves you some feedback you cant take take it on a personal level then trace and investigate the person in question

    yes lol alexander was class really bigged me up for my alex fight lol haha everyone was sayn was gonna lose but then alexander came along and gave me full support lol haha

    hey scraps if it seemed that i was gving you dirty looks pal that was not my intention i was a bit stressed and have never had a problem with youmate if i see you at a show i promise i wont give you any funny looks well if your wearing pink nails maybe but it wont be anything nasty lol

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