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I am surprised only Predator has made comment on the fact that you are still in massive debt from your last attempt at putting on a show and you now have the cheek to try again.
I think Sledge has a point but aren't they in the process of paying everyone off? I think if they are doing this then I don't see the problem with them trying to put on another show.

Obviously we're well aware they screwed up but at the same time East Anglia is screaming out for an MMA event and Tom and Stuart are the ones making the effort to make it happen. Nevertheless I do think the event is too big (even though they say it's a small show). In my opinion it would have been better just to start out small and do an interclub between 3 or 4 other local MMA gyms and have a day thing (like Combat Sports Open) and built it from there. NOt to knock the event though, I'm sure it'll be a good evening.