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Thread: at these grappling contests

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    Default at these grappling contests

    what is the level of ability? is there a mix from black belt bjj to people that have only been going a month? I really want to do one, maybe not yet, but just to have a go, even if I get beat in first bout.. just so I can see what level im at, because most of the people at my gym are pro fighters, or have been going there for years, and the blokes that have been going less than me, id expect to be a little better.. whats the comman thinking on these, are they a good testing ground? are they unfair, in the way I could come up against a black belt in my first outing? what we thinking?

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    The comp last week i had about four guys who've only trained a couple of months with me.
    I think its worth just having a go whilst there's so much opportunity and it will help you get use to those pre comp nerves.

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    subs grappling is usually less than 2 years experience for novice and advanced more than. Sometimes this is a bit skettchy but check with the orginisors.

    BJJ is a tad easier, white, blue, purple, brown and black

    get in there mate you'll love it

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    Try this one mate;

    Really well run competition and it's perfect for beginners as you get a minimum of two fights. -

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    You rarely get guys above purple belt level in UK grappling comps unless it is a special case like ADCC trials and in big events like that they split novice and advanced (although just about everyone enters the novice division anyway lol).

    Find one of the smaller events with a good reputation then jump in and have a go. Best thing to do is speak to your coach.

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    They're worth doing no matter what level you're at; it's all experience.

    Someone said to me the other day: "just think of it as an exciting training session."
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    Im looking to get my first fight somewhere in the north east? pressure or no pressure i don't care i'll fight someone 10 and 0

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