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Thread: WANTED: basic sewing machine lessons

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    Default WANTED: basic sewing machine lessons

    Strange request I know.

    I can't sew at all!

    Don't even know how to set up the machine that I've just bought. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Got the machine home, read the instructions & put it bag in the box, can't make sense of it.

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    somehow i think you are in the wrong place, and im baffled as to why you would even post that
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    google ??

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    Hey it was worth a shot.
    Thought somebody might know somebody... you know how it goes..
    I did google, found some courses but they don't start til September.

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    I don't think you need a course!

    I was flummoxed by trying to use one a while back, you have to sort the thread in the spool underneath - at least that's what I was having problems with - it has to go the right way round some odd spring/coil thing then come out of the right hole....once you get that bit it's easy enough.

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    You all won't be saying anything about it when you are asking DianeB to sew those patches on your gi's!

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    she is going to make fake tapout shorts and sell them on....... so ive heard.
    ..........i'll do it later

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