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Thread: fighter nerves

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    My arse falls out, I'm that nervous haha! But for some reason, sitting on the pot relaxes me and then from there on out...I'm fine o.O

    Hyper / Nervous / Excited and Adrenaline are all good and bad! Quiet room, lights off and just chill with slow breathing helps me too.

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    i posted this twice so just read the below
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    i started a thread before a fight once on how to deal with my nerves as a week before a fight i was absolutly shitting my pants. i have been sick before a fight, i have felt like crying and have had the 'what the fuck am i doing'. but when i walk out to fight i feel nothing it just feels like a dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dead man walking View Post
    is it common that most fighters get nerves prior to there fight, examples: being sick, thinking "what the fuck am i about to do this for?" and pissing/shitting a lot?????
    where dya think i shitted myself / pissed my pants came from. duno where i brushed my teeth came from tho

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    i never really get nervous before a fight, its a controlled enviroment you have a referee there to protect you and unlike boxing if you take to many big shots and get hurt you can take the other guy down... i get very exited before a fight and have made mistakes in the cage due to my rushed nature.....
    if you really love fighting you can never really lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nak-Muay View Post
    Will you get hurt... Probably.
    Will you lose... Maybe.
    Will you be embarrassed... Depends what you do.
    What can you do to stop either of these? Fight hard and to the best of your ability.
    i think embarassment would be my number one fear. Adrenaline would take care of the immediate pain, but i'd be worried of getting shown up or sparked out at :04 seconds by some flash KO. That would be terrible.

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    My worst nerves come on the day before the fight. As soon as I am warming up and listening to music with my kit on i just want to start the fight and the nerves disappear.

    I think they key is to get yourself in a calm meditative state. Show no emotion. If you look at alot of pro fighters they will have the same expression whether they are walking to the cage/ring or winning/losing.

    If you have done all your training and have your mind controlled, the rest is in the lap of the Gods. Whatever happens, happens. Just accept it and enjoy the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocuana View Post
    that is some seeeeerious parable right there Sami... :S
    If I were to wash someones feet before a fight and they were to hold without getting embaressed or enjoying the satisfaction of the expression itself. Its like the experience of 1 million fights. Nerves would be a fairytale & something to talk about at dinner parties ,lol

    mma is just a game based on a duel where we play with our arguments of physical expressions to the point where we stop when its time to..... We dont play for keeps. The moutain of a mole of it is purely for marketing purposes,lol

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    i started reading this thread then when i got just past the first page i started getting nervous as fuck thinking about everything that goes through me head when i'm about to fight lol

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    Always get nervous without fail, but its more so anticipation of the fight and what im going to do. Il be nervously making 'what if' situations for the week up to the fight thinking up different things that will be thrown at me and what i would possibly fire back with. Im strange, starts off being worried almost at whats going to be thrown at me and then turns into a mindmap of how i can fight against things bar what im already aiming to do. Ends up me getting excited about the fight and not worried by the opponent at all for some reason!

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