What you you guys remember from the early days of UK MMA???

Which fighters / trainers stand out and why? What events clearly stand from the others in the old days????

What memories stand out most???

From the top of my head.... Lee Hasdell's Total Fight Nights, Phil Norman knocking out Tony Somers (one of Geoff Thompson's lads) with a vicious high kick, meeting and training with Lee Hasdell.

Alex Evans destroying virtually everyone and at one point was ranked as the best middleweight in the UK.

Danny Batten's war with Neil McLeod at one of Andy Jardine's Millenium Brawl events.

Mark Day breaking Jawad Khan's leg with a Heel Hook at Lee Hasdell's Night of the Samurai event - this was a jiu-jitsu match in a cage.

Lee Murray knocking out Pele - I forget the name of the event but it was one the London Shoot boys promoted....

Wow - I could go on and on.... Your turn guys!!!