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Thread: The old days of UK MMA

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    The ground game thing is too true - through 2002-2003 I watched more rib punching from within half guard than I'll care to remember.

    My personal favourite golden oldie is Andy Cooper vs. Gaz Roriston at MB 8. It was a back and forth war that I'll never forget.

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    Like you all said Lee Hasdell he was one of the major factors that got me into grappling really and remember total fight forum at milton keynes and he was a nice guy.

    yeah night of the samarai
    Birmingham Wrestling

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    lewis fight with Abdul think lewis was 16 or 17 at the time Abdul was massive
    ian i can remember pride and glory 2 what a show
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    [QUOTE=graham cooke;194812]im not as old school some, only really been around the scene since 02/03 (ish). Some memories that stick out:

    fighting ian margerisson on the first (?) cagewarriors event at gangwarily leisure centre in southampton somewhere.

    does anyone happen to have this event on video/dvd? i also fought on this show against chris freebourn.never seen it

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    I got old style photographs (remember those) of my good self at Lee Hasdell's first shows in MK, I was doing sports massage, got pix with James Zikic at the show in 98 and pix of Dave van de Veen and Peter Djikman, think he fought Lee Hasdell that night, October 5 1997, beat that!!

    Will see if I can scan the photo in and post on here, got one with Geoff T and one with Chris Dolman but not in mi scrap book any more!


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    Quote Originally Posted by widge milward View Post
    LOL *awaits the sadams brigade to turn up*

    another few:

    Ian Freeman smashing Travis Fulton to pieces.

    Jeremy Bailey socking kicking John Williamson and him acting like a bitch afterwards

    Chris Ballard going into a trance then smashing fools with his spinning kicks etc
    what happened in the bailey fight widge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by widge milward View Post
    the greek dude was awesome, first time i seen the "Voodoo" submission too
    I didn't think it was the greek dude who did the Voodoo. I'm pretty sure he was a Brazilian guy, can't remember his name, but he was Eder Chagas' (my old BJJ instructor from the Tokei) instructor from Brazil.


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    does anyone remember the riot at the country club in essex??
    something to do with dexter if i remember correctly hahahaha
    the bouncers were fooooked so they pepper sprayed everyone hehehe

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    roli delgado is fucking awesome!
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Austin View Post
    I have very fond memories of Chris Ballard we used to work the door together in Reading and I can assure you that he could do those spinning kicks equally as good in a pair of tight black trousers haha. RIP
    man...he brought a crowd with him when he fought on Andy's shows. Never saw a single bum on the seat when he entered the cage could not even hear his entrance music cos the crowd was that loud.
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