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Thread: BOLF Sledge.

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    Default BOLF Sledge.

    Sledge has gone missing over the past week. A few of us are concerned as to his having fled the country having panicked over the upcoming fight.

    Seriously guys, we are all family here- so if any of you have seen or talked to him, let me or Dougie know ASAP.

    Thanks lads.

    ~Ryebread Cagewarriors Moderator.
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    In the light of the Cliff Moore thread you are a really stupid tactless prick.

    Sledge is well and is at home with his family.
    Rich Austin

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    Number 1...I have no idea what your Moore thread is about.

    2ndly, my concern over Sledges well being is all related to his being abused by Duchman.

    So stop trying to show off and pretending you even know Sledge.
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    isn't Rich Austin the 1 headshot whilst grounded guy ?

    reminds me of that southpark where stans dad is on family fortunes.

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    Sledge is the King

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    Default Sledge, wh are you??

    Just spoke to Sledge, he is well & settling into his new job & life.

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    He's heading to Zambia in Africa to tackle the White Water Rapids of the Zambezi River in a rubber dinghy.

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    I heard he was going to become an internet expert on MMA

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