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    Default MMA League Rnd1

    The first official leg is on the 20th in Birmingham so who`s going?
    I have 11 new lads so it`ll be a long day
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    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Not many then lol
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Bushido MMA will be there, so you wont be on your own

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    ill be there, i dont know what to do though i weigh 70 now and got points for featherweight, will those points be carried over to other weightclass, or should i just cut for fw? maybe i should ask my coach but what should i do

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    yep i'll be going. Anyone know if your entitled to take a corner man with you even though its just one round. Excuse me if thats a stupid question its my first event

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    I should be there, hopefully.

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    Just got back from this, didn't fight but a friend of mine did. Was v. impressed with the whole set-up. Scheduling was spot on (at least for the first few hours or so!), referees excellent, standard high and everyone had really good attitudes. Only saw one guy get chinned, so most stuck to the no-headshot rule! Think I will definitely enter the next one. Thanks to all who organised it - can't have been easy but you pulled it off.

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    Great event, well-run, and unlike a lot of comps I've been to, actually fun to watch rather than something you have to suffer through until you get to your fight. Good standards overall, although a couple of criticisms:

    If you're going to encourage shin pads, then you should require them. Some with and some without just doesn't look right and seems a bit dodgy.

    Overall injury rate pretty high, although that was mostly down to the individual fighters rather than any organisational failings. Don't know how to deal with that, but the point above might be a start. Saw a couple of guys with bad toes/feet, so...might help.

    A bit more clarity on the downward elbow rules. Saw a lot of them thrown, even if only to the body and legs, and very little referee action. To the best of my knowledge, they should be illegal, no?

    ...that's about it, really. Will be at the next one, looking forward to ordering the event DVD from this one shortly!

    Take care,


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