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Thread: ACA lineage

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    brown you cunt from shitting yourself a lot

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    Sorry wrong. They are blue.

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    i still think they are brown

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    As I said you are wrong. I have different coloured ones on today because I'm not a tramp like you and I change mine. But they are a white trunk so they still aren't brown. You fail.

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    white trunk who the fuck do you think you are you pigeon chested fucktard!

    fuck me next you will be saying you have a really cool job......mong

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    Don't repress your sexuality Phil. Embrace it.

    I may appear "pigeon chested" when compared to your bitch tits.
    Now what colour bra are you wearing?

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    Now what colour bra are you wearing?

    because you mrs gave it to me and lets face it she isnt very clean is she

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    It was a grey bra when she bought it.

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    It was white until Bas washed it with his jockstrap

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    Never mind. He shouldn't be saying that his sister "isn't very clean" after she went to the trouble of passing on one of her bra.

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