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Thread: MMA Gyms in North West London

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    Default MMA Gyms in North West London

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forum and I couldn't find a thread linked with this but I was wondering does anyone know if there's any MMA gyms in North West London?
    It seems like there's no MMA places what so ever in North London?

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    try gracie barra in kensal road

    or london shootfighters

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    Thanks for the reply.

    London shootfighters is still a while away transport wise, and although I wouldnt mind the journey and i'm itching to train there, being a student and wanting to train regularly would probably have an effect on both my bank balance and my work.

    The Gracie Barra in Kensal from what i've heard is just strictly BJJ without striking.

    Is there any other options in North West London?

    Thanks again

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    Wednesday Night at Carlsons is an MMA night and is run by Ryan Robinson. Great class and theres Nogi for MMA before it!

    Pm "Simon Hayes" for full details - sorry im in arush- Im going away tonight
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    There's quite a few in north london, check these out:

    Pancrase London at bethnal green

    Team Titan at edmonton

    Spartans Vale Tudo in leyton

    Fight Factory at liverpool st

    Bloodline/RGDA at clapton

    KO gym at bethnal green (they do mma aswell as muay thai)
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    Thanks for the kind replies guys.

    I got excited when I saw the list of MMA gyms but I've just finished looking into them and most of them are East London based except for the Carlson Gracie option which is South West

    The Titan fighter gym also seemed like a good gym but is about 2 and a half to 3 hours away.

    I spoke to quite alot of MMA fans in the area and they're in the same boat as me. Is it possible that there's a huge patch of London yet to discover an MMA gym?

    Again I'd like to thank you all for the replies

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    Hi Rowdy,

    I am an instructor at Carlsons.

    I know London very well as i've lived here all my life.

    If you are in North West London you shouldn't consider going ANYWHERE but
    London Shoot.

    People travel from all around the South East to train there and you are within 4 miles of it.

    London Shoot is in North West London,just the southern part of it.

    It's going to be a lot quicker getting there than to all the gyms in North East
    London that Anton kindly told you about.

    And CARLSON GRACIE TEAM are a 10 minute walk from HAMMERSMITH tube station,west london's biggest tube terminal with links all over North West London.

    You may have to accept that you aren't going to find a world class MMA gym
    on Hendon High street or Cricklewood Broadway or whatever local area you live in,and jump on a tube,bus or bicycle for a 20 minute journey.

    Good training

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    Travel. I do a 50 mile round trip to train with the Carlsons guys.
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    what age do you have to be to train at shoots coz im 16 and i do boxing and jiujitsu and judo for years and wana try somme mma am i old enough

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    yes you are old enough

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