just to let you all know,i have had to retire.after my fight with neil grove i was taking to hospital and had surgery on my face where they have had to put two plates in my face .one in my cheek bone and one on my eye socket.so that is it over for me.can i take this oppertunity in congratulating neil grove on the fight and good luck in the future.thank you to all my camp and other camps for their help over the years in getting me ready for fights.thanks to all my fans in their support for me ,it has always ment alot.a real big thanks to john close, he has been a diamond we have been joined at the hip for a few years.neil wain has been a star for me and wish him all the best in his fight in the ufc.thanks to the guys at cage rage for their part in my fighting,and to any one i have missed out thank you.