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Thread: buzz has retired

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    Gary 'Smiler' Turner
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    Buzz, you are a 100% top fella, and I'm really sorry to hear about your injuries. I do hope they heal really quickly and don't hold you up from getting on with wherever your life takes you now. My best wishes to your family too, and hold your head up high - you are a great talent whose had a great career - loved by fighters and fans alike.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_Hutch View Post
    Win or lose you're fights were always good to watch, congratulations on a great career and good luck in whateer you decide to do next.
    Sad to hear that Buzz, loved watching you fight and the banter we had at the events you,ve been. Hope to see you in the crowd cheering on and maybe you can enjoy it now ha. Top Man!

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    hi Buzz, if im being honest i wasnt a huge fan of your fighting style as a fighter but regardless of the techincal aspects involved, that me as an armchair fan can sit and nit pick its true you always fought like a lion and you had the heart of one too. at the end of the day if you did your best and fought and never gave up then thats the making of a fighter in my eyes, and you did that.

    best of luck with what you choose to do next.

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    Some of my mates who don't follow MMA that closely will be VERY sad when I tell them this news.

    Buzz is a cult hero to them and has always provided us with entertaining fights.

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    Buzz - you are a gent through and through, sorry to hear of the injuries mate, you will have a long standing future as a coach or what ever in this sport. A lot of people can learn from you attitude, take care pal see you soon.

    Marc x
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    Hey Buzz, wishing you all the best mate. You have always been polite and patient whenever i've gripped you for a chat. All the best buddy.

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    best of luck
    rob"c4"sinclair 11 - 2 bamma lightwieght champ

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    Sad to hear about your injuries mate and your retirement.
    As every one has said your a top bloke and exciting fighter and i'm sure you'll still be involved in the sport for many years.

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    Sorry to hear that, all the best
    No natural ability, no skills, no conditioning, no quitting

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    hope you are ok you are a credit too this sport
    HQ washington vale tudo

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