hey guys i have just started bjj and mma at gracie barra newcastle under the instruction of dave ''speedy'' elliot, i have only been to 3 sessions so far but im really enjoying it. i have done kickboxing and boxing since i was young,( well younger lol im only 21) and would really like to compeat in mma compitions in the future. but at the moment i can only afford 3 sessions per week, and im taking them to do (mon - bjj gi wed - bjj gi fri- mma no gi) this is untill sept when i will attend 1 spar class for bjj on a sat morning ( student loans start up again in sept lol) i will also be going for the uni kickboxing team.

do you guys think id be best sticking with the bjj ?so... 3 bjj per week and then plus 1 spar in sept or stick to what im doing now?... with 1 mma and 2 bjj and then add 1 spar class in sept.

just im in two minds, 1 - thinking if i stick to bjj for now ill pick it up faster 2 - thinking if i put 1 mma in , in replace of 1 bjj then i will learn how to use it without a gi from the get go. aswell as the mma classes helping with other things such as striking etc etc