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    hey guys i have just started bjj and mma at gracie barra newcastle under the instruction of dave ''speedy'' elliot, i have only been to 3 sessions so far but im really enjoying it. i have done kickboxing and boxing since i was young,( well younger lol im only 21) and would really like to compeat in mma compitions in the future. but at the moment i can only afford 3 sessions per week, and im taking them to do (mon - bjj gi wed - bjj gi fri- mma no gi) this is untill sept when i will attend 1 spar class for bjj on a sat morning ( student loans start up again in sept lol) i will also be going for the uni kickboxing team.

    do you guys think id be best sticking with the bjj ?so... 3 bjj per week and then plus 1 spar in sept or stick to what im doing now?... with 1 mma and 2 bjj and then add 1 spar class in sept.

    just im in two minds, 1 - thinking if i stick to bjj for now ill pick it up faster 2 - thinking if i put 1 mma in , in replace of 1 bjj then i will learn how to use it without a gi from the get go. aswell as the mma classes helping with other things such as striking etc etc


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    ill put money on it that some of the lads int he class will train with mates outside of lessons, ask to tag along. extra training probably at a touch less than what a lesson will cost.

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    yeah ill keep a ear open for that, i would start the sat now if i ad the cash and time but the other thing is i would like to know the basics of bjj before i go to a spar specific session as i would just be slowing other guys down from their training as id not have a clue.

    i would like to get in some kickboxing comps with uni first and some bjj comps before i even think of a mma comp, maybee 10-15 between the 2 then ill look at mma but it is a plan for the future hence why im between two minds what to take class wise

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    If you want to compete in BJJ then do more BJJ, if you want to compete in MMA then do more of that. Get the drift!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AntonM View Post
    If you want to compete in BJJ then do more BJJ, if you want to compete in MMA then do more of that. Get the drift!
    Thats exactly right, just mention to your coach your interested in fighting if you havnt already and ask him about what kinda training you need to be doing.

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    It's already been said I know, but try and get someone to train outside of the club with you. Also, get your trainer to write up a list of training exercises you need to do and do them outside of the club when you're not training with anyone.
    Personally, when I'm not socialising face to face or over the web, I'm training in some way. Whether with a friend or on my own.
    Also, as for what you should train more of, a lot of MMA ends up on the floor, but the difference is it is no-Gi. I do BJJ Gi as well, and I can tell you right now that the majority of techniques can't work in no-Gi without you being told where you need to be holding your opponent instead of gripping the Gi. If you are high level Gi you are taught the no-Gi techniques anyway, but if your no BJJ master you're gonna be gripping material, which you can't do in MMA. For this reason I think you should up your MMA classes and take less on the BJJ Gi. At least you get in more MMA groundwork that way, because really, BJJ Gi will be problematic in MMA. I don't have a fun time trying to pass guard or half guard in no-Gi, it's just not going to happen. :/

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    just enjoy it first!! most people enjoy it for a month then get pissed off at being tapped constantly and never come back, so just do what ever you want for now
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