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    I have been training K1 syle kickboxing for about 2 and a half years and BJJ for nearly 1 year. I have been training at 2 seperate locations under 2 different instuctors. recently I have found a decent Gym in my area that just trains MMA, I have had a few kickboxing matches and have been in a BJJ tounament but my goal is to compete in MMA. I am trying to work out a rota that encompases all 3, do people think it is a bad idea having to many instuctors? or is it beneficial to your game? do most fighters just stick with one gym or do they train various different places for different disaplins?

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    Depends on a lot of things. One is the quality of the instructors. another is the state of your game.

    Plenty of fighters work with different groups - you'll get better training partners at each range if you work with specialists, but talk to the coaches and explain what you are working on.
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    I would say that if you want to train in mma and only have 1 or 2 years experience in other sports then train at a mma gym.
    The reason being is that there are many things that are taught in other sports that are weak in mma but good for those sports. When fighters cross train well they should always keep in mind what the result of that training is. Eg a boxers stance is too easily leg kicked and too easy to take down. When cross training ask if your coach has mma experience and make it clear that is what you are training for therefore the techniques will need to be adapted to work in mma. You can't adapt technique in a fight easily because under pressure you go back to what you know, for this reason i had to stop Judo after 20yrs training to fight in mma because although the base skills I learned are solid the adaption to mma means that under a fight situation i responded like a judoka until i drilled the reaction to be an mma fighters and if i wished to return to judo the reverse would be true.
    Lots of pro fighters have specialist coaches but these teach them adapted technique. Go to a specialist if you want a more varied training but remember every thing we do in training has an effect whether we want it to or not and you could be learning habits that could get you beat in the cage so the best instructors are those that have done mma as well as their specialist sport.
    Oh yeah and have fun!

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