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Thread: my MMA/UFC collection....(PICTURES)

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    Default my MMA/UFC collection....(PICTURES)

    if anybody wants to sell, donate, or buy mma memorabilia, dont hesitate to email me. hope you enjoy the pictures !! if you have stuff, take a picture, send the pictures to me and ill post them here with mine. thanx guys!!

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    ufc 30 floor canvas from the tito/tanner fight
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    So you are familiar with the UFC are you?

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    some of my ultimate fighter season finale posters.

    tito and tank posters that were sold on the ufc website loooooong ago.

    a few of my signed posters.

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    ufc event posters from ufc 1 through 12.

    ufc event posters from ufc 1 through 6

    ufc 1 event posters.

    ufc all access passes from events 1 through 12. and bottom row of special events from the ufc like ultimate ultimates, japan, and brazil.
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    battlecade 1 through 4 event posters.

    smaller ufc event posters from when SEG was struggling with money to keep the ufc alive.

    cloth banner used as the back drop for the press conference at ufc 14 and 15.

    assorted gloves, medal, stickers, etc...
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    ufc 33, 37.5, and ufc 49 posters. these are 11 X 17.

    ufc 47 event poster and the ufc 47 ppv events poster

    ufc 85 bedlam posters that were never used. chuck and rashad never happened and the other poster wasnt used as the official event poster.

    ufc 88 promo poster used at an autograph seccion in atlanta(where the event will be). same image used as the above poster.
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    i swear i got a magazine when in america with all those exact pics in em??

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