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Thread: the Cage Steel amateur comp and open mat

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    Default the Cage Steel amateur comp and open mat

    Was great!! thanks for putting it on.

    thank you to everyone I rolled with at the open mat, it was fun. Enjoyed chatting & catching up with people as well.

    Congratulations to Blackledge MMA!! We had 4 guys competing: Craige Dean, Scott Roscoe, Ian Ball and Theo Blackledge.

    They all won their first fights. Scott got to the semi final, Craig to the final. Ian and Theo both won their final fights. All the lads put on a great display of skills.

    it was a good show. I hope the guy who dislocated his arm is ok? Best of wishes to him.

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    great day, all the better to come home with a trophy!

    great experience, step up from a grappling comp, but not too much of a step. great venue, good reffing and judging, all in all really well run.

    big thanks to tom big show blackledege for the coaching and the excellent advice from the corner, and to all the caged steel crew for the best comp i've been to so far.

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