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Thread: Training yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reedy View Post
    I remember hearing that Evan Tanner taught himself with videos how to grapple.
    he did but he had a partner to drill with.

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    [QUOTE=JoeDurrant;213135]I want both fitness and eventually fight, I will be able to go to gym after my college course in a couple of years, and when I have some money coming in from a job. So untill I can find a job I am a bit screwed.[/QUOTE

    Also i have college with no job but im doing a sports and science college course so i go gym on my breaks and do mma training but i have some training books from borders with helped me a lot and i recommend these

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie Taylor View Post
    How can people say instructionals are useless ?

    What a load of shit, it may not be as effective as having someone there showing you the moves and correcting your technique but it's a damn good alternative if you don't have a coach or if you want to expand your game.

    The reason most people cant get anything from watching instructionals is because they do just them.

    Without eager training partners and lots of time to drill the techniques then yeah maybe they're pretty useless but I have learned a lot from them.
    Yes but instructionals are most usefull for people who have experience, I can learn a submission from an instructional because i have grappled for 20 yrs and know how the body works in general when grappling. A newb would make mistakes without realising it and get that bad habit wet wired which then takes time to unlearn.
    I would say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! You need to have understanding of fundamentals and that just cant be taught from instructionals because there is no feedback.

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    the problem with training yourself is motivation and you will get distracted by your family e.g. lil brother annnoyin u mum askin to tidy room which yuh dnt get at the gym

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