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Thread: Herring Vs Lesnar

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    Question Herring Vs Lesnar

    He was a four-time all-American wrestler, and then a WWE superstar. Now Brock Lesnar wants nothing more than to become a UFC champion. But to move closer to the promised land of MMA, he must go through Heath Herring on Saturday night. Since signing with the UFC, Lesnar, to his credit, has only wanted to fight the best fighters possible. During his first test, against former heavyweight champion Frank Mir, Lesnar showed everything you would expect from an inexperienced fighter brimming with exceptional potential. In that fight, Lesnar truly dominated the former champion for the majority of the fight, seemingly doing everything and anything he set out to do. But when fighting a championship caliber opponent, the momentum of a fight can swing in an instant. After being submitted by Mir, Lesnar was quick to point out that he still had things to learn, but itís clear that his potential is endless.

    Fighting out of Las Vegas, Nev., Heath Herring is no stranger to fighting marquee fighters in big fights. That is exactly what heíll be doing once again when the Octagon gate closes on Saturday night. Herring made a name for himself in PRIDE by fighting the likes of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (who he lost a decision at UFC 73), Fedor Emelianenko, and Mirko Cro Cop. Although coming up short in those fights, Herring showed what it takes to compete with the best fighters in the world. Now Herring is looking to build on his last fight inside of the Octagon, where he beat standup specialist Cheick Kongo. Two consecutive wins inside of the Octagon will put him in line for a future shot at the title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUnfitOne View Post
    Two consecutive wins inside of the Octagon will put him in line for a future shot at the title.
    You have to consider Werdum aswell, and the fact that Mir is getting the next title shot, I think Werdum is fighting Junior Dos Santos at UFC 90, which IMO is screwing over Werdum.

    I see Lesnar beating Herring, I think he'll be able to take Herring down with relative ease and win via Ground n Pound, that's if he can finish him off.

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    Yeah Herring dont have great TD defense so I have Brock by GnP.

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    This was supposed to be a poll but have fucked it up because I'm a plank

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    herring by however he wants

    werdum shouldnt get a title shot, he's boring as fuck, it would be the worst title reign ever if he won

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    He's not that boring imo... his fight with Arlovski was a pile of shit of course, but v Gonzaga was pretty decent imo.

    I'm unsure about the Herring v Lesnar fight... my head is telling me that Herring is too experienced for Brock, and isn't exactly small himself so shouldn't be as overwhelmed physically as some of the smaller HWs do, but then I remember all of his fights... he seems to have no takedown defence and sloppy striking, hasn't seemed to get a lot better over the years.

    I hope Herring takes it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he got tipped on his back after 1 nano-seconds and controlled/TKOd.
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    Herring..tko Rnd2..

    i dont see brock having the gas or experience to beat heath..the longer this fight goes on, the more likely it is that herring will win imho..

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    Brock TKO 2nd....
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    i have Herring down for a TKO victory
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    The problem with Werdum is that he hasn't won his last two fights so much as his opponents have lost them. Gonzaga was blowing him away until he fucked his back. Vera fucked up terribly with a poor strategy and poor understanding of modern day MMA reffing. Werdum, through no fault of his own, is a tough sell as HW contender off the back of these bouts.

    BTW if it gets past the first round Herring by TKO

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