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Thread: Class Information?

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    hi Chris
    No probs mate!
    Classes are at same times/venues!

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    Have any of you guys trained BJJ at the griphouse in Glasgow?

    If so what are the differences between the academy and griphouse?

    Which would you recommend and why?


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    Does anyone know if the classes still run in Rutherglen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrizoH View Post

    Does anyone know if the classes still run in Rutherglen?
    Teusday 7pm and Saturday is now 11:30
    Tap Forged

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leiurus View Post
    Teusday 7pm and Saturday is now 11:30
    Thanks, I'll hopefully come along if not tomorrow then definitely next week.

    Is it ok for beginners to just show up?

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    Yea mate, ....or you can contact Scott before hand too....

    theres a few beginners training so you wont be the only one :-)
    see you soon
    Tap Forged

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    Default gradings


    Does this club run regular gradings?

    If so how is some1 graded in bjj?, is it through showing tecnique when sparring? Or whenever your coach feels your ready to progress to the next 'belt level'?

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    Hey, I went to the club on tuesday but couldnt find anyone (rutherglen that is). I went inside and found some youth group thing and a weight watchers class..

    Are classes still running there?
    Hit Hard, Roll Strong

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    Hi mate, yep it's definitely still on - what time did you go at?

    Classes are Tue at 7pm and Sat at 11.30am, I only started a few weeks ago (it's in the white building next to the church)

    Good class and good bunch of guys, hopefully see you there

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