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Thread: Class Information?

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    Oh right, I was wandering around the church. Thanks, i'll be there on tuesday.

    Is it essential to have a gi to start?
    Hit Hard, Roll Strong

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    No you'll be fine without one mate, I still need to get one myself

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    I have a Fauxa Rua A3 for sale. Worn twice, shrunk. Its now about A2 size.

    Pit to pit is about 24" as far as i can tell. I'm a 42" chest and it fits very nicely that way. In regular cloths that fit my chest i sometimes have issues with shoulder room, but i move about comfortable in this, no tightness across the back or anything. Its just the arm length and trouser length that is no good for my frame. The arms of this gi are 29" along the top, across the logo to the collar (163cms cuff to cuff). The trousers are 39.5".


    I also have an unworn Tuff A5 that i am sending back begining of the week.
    It would fit someone about 6'4" tall and about 16 stone plus. It fits me slightly less well than my two man tent.

    This cost me 40 plus p&p. Yours for 40 if you cantact me before i mail it off.
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