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    Akihiro Gono: Just Like ‘Magic’
    By Elliot Worsell

    Mild-mannered and malevolent, Akihiro Gono is the kind of fighter who’ll beat you down and then haul you back up and apologise. Before all that, he’ll strut

    to the ring with a jig, a smile and a fancy wig. Throw in some wacky Japanese music, a homage to native musician DJ OZMA, and you have, in a nutshell, the Akihiro Gono experience.

    Luckily for UFC fans, Gono, the self-styled ‘Magic Man’, promises to bring the whole shebang to Birmingham, England for UFC 89.

    The 33-year-old welterweight contender, renowned for his extravagant ring entrances and elaborate moves, is one of the most entertaining mixed martial artists in the world today. Possessing an ability to wave his magic wand and pull off inexplicable submissions from inexplicable positions, Gono has graced both PRIDE and the UFC with swagger and success.

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    oh, this will be fun!
    Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy

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    TapouT, Xyience, Earache Records,,, Roko, MMA Unlimited.

    "into the battles, making cages rattle, there's a pain thats inside us and we're letting it out"

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    Quote Originally Posted by theOutlaw View Post
    oh, this will be fun!
    I can't wait to see you smash him up Dan! My prediction......Pain!

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    "[Gono] is one of the most entertaining mixed martial artists in the world today."

    He 'aint gona be that exciting when he's on his back come October 18th.

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    Lock and load Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are 100% behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    is this at welter or lightweight??

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy88 View Post
    is this at welter or lightweight??

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    I read that Dan is walking around at almost 200lbs at the moment and trim! he's going to be a monster come 18th October. Whats your weight just before you cut the water, Dan? More than 180lbs?

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    This is going to be WAR , Dan is on the way to the top and i am sure he will be the best p4p welterweight with-in the next three years?.

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    Hard first fight for UFC mate but will put you straight on the map. best of luck to you. cant wait

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