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Thread: How do you Nando's?

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    My girlfriend couldnt believe when i showed her this thread she didnt think anyone else was as crazy about Nando's as me lol.

    Anyway this what i have (i go usually 1-2 times a week).
    Half a chicken medium
    Peri chips
    Spicy rice
    Bottle of still water.
    Loads of garlic and herb sauce!!!

    I think im gona have to try Humus in Pitta instead of olives one day, or just have both of it
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    whats nandos iv never seen one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimmy View Post
    whats nandos iv never seen one
    It's a restuarant, just about the best fresh chicken place goin ! especially if you like spicy chicken! then i advise you to get half a chicken ( extra hot ) and put on sum extra extra hot peri peri sauce, it makes me feel good especially in winter.

    For those of you who havent tried the hot or extra hot i'd advise you to do so its well nice and even if you cant handle much spicy food i bet if you eat it often you'll get used to it and enjoy it!. I used to eat hot all the time but then i tried extra hot and i loved it even more, its great when you're suffering from hayfever and stuff too, really clears out your sinuses. Just be prepared for when you have to shit it out though it really burns.

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    I have chicken pitta (medium with pineapple) with sides of peri peri fries & coleslaw, bottomless drink (diet coke), i have some of those nuts on the counter whilst i wait also, i would go every night if i could and soon i am moving into the city center so i will do
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    You can work your way up to the higher heat levels, think of it like weight lifting. I started off on a humble lemon and herb but now I scoff the extra hot with the real men.

    My 10 top tips for a successful Nandos...

    1. The peri peri spice is a cheap and worthwhile addition to your chips.

    2. Mixing the peri peri sauce in with the rice makes it a thousand times better

    3. Add an additional side plate to serve as a 'graveyard' for disposing of bones to keep your main theatre of operations clear. Rookies make the common mistake of getting rid of bones that still have tasty meat on them - make sure they are kept supervised and that chicken doesn't end up on the graveyard.

    4. People who don't eat the skin should offer it to the rest of the table, it is covered in spice and is a crime to waste it. If you don't want it I'll have it.

    5. Bring a warm jumper. You won't want it when you're eating, but upon leaving you will likely be hit by a 'post nandos chill' due to the effects of the spice, you will appreciate warm clothing in this instance.

    6. If you get sweat under your eyes then you're doing it right.

    7. The wild herb is the best choice of sauces, it has more flavour and heat than the other options available. The 'extra extra hot' is an interesting distraction but not a substitute.

    8. Use the garlic bread to make mini sandwiches with chicken and chips.

    9. Sweetcorn is only really an option if you're not that hungry. The quality seems to vary massively and is rarely impressive. The best way of eating it is to cover it in peri-peri.

    10. If you can employ the assistance of a co-eater to 'dab' you with a napkin when you start perspiring (much like a surgeon conducting open heart surgery) it means you don't have to stop eating to wipe your hands. Using a knife and fork for anything other than the rice is massively homo.


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    i'm going to Nando's tomorrow with my wifey

    wooo hooo !!

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    Dave Hirst, awesome 'tips' post.

    I have half a lemon and herb chicken, sweet potato, garlic bread and Perinaise dip. mmm...
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    Great Post Dave, 3,4,6 and 8 are SO true!!

    im gonna try mixing sauce with my rice next time.

    at the weekend i had:

    whole "Hot" chicken with Garlic Bread and Peri Peri chips and a bottle of water. drowned the chips in the garlic sauce and stole half the missus' rice.

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    number 6 is the key

    if you dont get the sweats its not a propery nandos

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    garlic bread as a starter.

    extra hot chicken burher in pitta with cheese and pineapple, 2 sides of colesaw and chips all washed down with refil fantas

    chocolate moose for afters depending on how i'm doing
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