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Thread: DVD of Battleground vs Fightzone

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    Default DVD of Battleground vs Fightzone

    hey does anyone know how long it will be before the dvds are available from lastnights show, and when/how you go about getting them!could do witha few! any help appreciated, thanks.

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    it should be ready in about 10 days time mate
    send me an email with forwarding address

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    yer think i will be needing a few as well.

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    i want it just for the interviews!!!
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    Gettin slim thanks too

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    can anyone post the results??

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    Quote Originally Posted by unpredictable View Post
    i want it just for the interviews!!!
    Im dreading my interview. I will sound like a rite tit. Guaranteed.

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    lol well at my interview i was not expected to be interigated haha! especially by those who kidnapped me earlier in the night but was a great night i enjoyed it in the end. Im looking forward to seeing the DVD aswell it had some top fights on there lol
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    Started working on capturing and logging the footage, if any of the fighters could send me a portrait pic of themselves to then i can add them to the graphics after the edit is finished. Also in addition if u cud send me profile details, height,weight,age record it will add too the quality of the dvd. There was some gud fights, enjoyed the night just gutted i didnt get too fight, had me hopes up. Congratz anyhoo Wes.

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    cheers wildcard, will send my details through. Havent got a pic tho. Will see wot the guy who took the photos has and see if any will work.

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