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Thread: MMA Gyms around Guildford/Surrey?

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    Default MMA Gyms around Guildford/Surrey?

    Hi there!

    Does anyone know of any MMA gyms around the Guildford area. There are a few BJJ clubs and Thai Boxing clubs but can't really find anywhere that does it all.

    Thanks a lot


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    My class is on tonight, 7-9.30 and mon 8-9.30. we do it all, and gotta lot a guys from Guildford. We're at Frimely martial arts club, Burrell road, Frimely.

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    Thanks a lot guys thats great! I'll check them out!

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    Default Mma?

    Is Novaforca an MMA club or mainly a BJJ club? I have had a look on their website and I am guessing BJJ. Where can one learn intergrated wrestling, Muay thai and BJJ all at one place in the Surrey and Hampshire area? I find that places that teach Muay Thai and BJJ seperately dont have enough on the middle bit.

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    maybe a bit more investigation as the novaforca website has a MT instructor on it plus some fight pics and fight reports of Muay Thai fights!!!

    so I guess they do both

    or why not try Alexs class - who will cover all aspects of MMA?

    takes your pick

    why not give them both a call or pop along to both and see a class - join in or watch and see which one fits you best

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