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    Really interested in taking up BJJ but also carrying on with my muay thai training.

    I've noticed some clubs offer back to back lessons with MT and BJJ but I've read a few blogs and websites talking about hygiene.

    They talk about the do's and doníts of good hygiene and the fact that you can catch MRSA which I never heard before... I wondered what clubs or people did who did back to back classes.?

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    aslong as the gym cleans up every day i dont think there will be any problems. the rest is down to you clean your kit, shower and so on and if someone looks dirty fake cramp so you dont have to go with them.

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    You have to be really, really unlucky to get MRSA from doing BJJ. Plain old ordinary staph is more common, along with various other skin infections, but not something to really worry about. Pretty much all can be sorted out with a trip to the GP.
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