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Thread: unortohodox slick looking moves

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    The WOW Gold is a fairly common submission in our gym. If you apply the WOW Gold correctly, not only do you submit your opponent, but you also end up "monetized" or some shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jogs D View Post
    This is the Voodoo:-
    that pic just looks so wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishface View Post
    Dave Camarillo's Guerilla Jiu Jitsu book has some interesting and flashy moves for you to practice

    Rolling toehold, rolling kneebar, omaplata & triangle when someone is single legging you, helicopter armbar, forward roll into triangle (pretty hard to do haha), gogoplata from mount, twister, electric chair, banana split

    it support tampa
    lotus notes support

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    Didn't leigh remedios win a fight on cage rage with a voodoo submission (against Ricky salad I think?)

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    I have been thrown a couple of times (judo) by the same guy. He takes a low grip on your lapel to encourage you to take a higer grip the same side. Then strips your grip off by turning away then levering your arm against his does a kind of rolling kimura from standing. Really hard to explain to be honest but it feels horrible and once it is sank in you have to go with it. Never seen anyone else do it but apparently it is legal in judo. Really wish i could explain this better.
    Obviously you neeed a gi for this and this just realised this is in the no gi section so i will shut it.
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