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Thread: Knee Injury (advice needed)

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    Default Knee Injury (advice needed)

    I injured my knee about 2 weeks back, I can feel it is getting better but when I try to run, after a while it hurts. My question is, is it better to rest it completely, or try a little bit of running here and there.

    any advice is apreciated.

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    go see a good sports physio . not just a general NHS one as they always say 'rest' when it may or may not be needed

    a good sports doc will look and give you a proper answer - as they are in the business of getting you back into sport - not just saying give up ....

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    imho running is a no-no until its better , i did my cruciate so have been down this road!!

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    Agree with the above 2 posts 100% running could cause more damage especially as it hurts after a while and a good sports physio will advise specific excercises to help strengthen/recover the injury.

    I dislocated my knee about ten years ago and am still very concious of it whilst training!

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    thanx for all the good advice, Ill go see a physio.

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