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Thread: afl 'the art of war 3' tonight in Newport

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    Default art of war 3, newport

    missed this night, really gutted about it. know lew long from local like, amazing fight apparently. probably be going to his next one!

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    great fight. Back and forth action until the end.

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    Well done to lewis long and anton, it was awesome being in your corners! lewis did the bizz!

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    Lewis Long Vs Nick Mcfadden

    Round One -

    Round Two -

    Fight of the night. well done Lewis!

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    well done Lewis, shame i couldnt of been there for this one, awesome win buddy!

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    Nick Mcfadden vs Lewis Long just had the pleasure of watching it. Crackin fight. Well done 2 both. This show has come such a long way, so many gr8 fighters, well done 2 Mike 4 making it a success.

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    sweet ko

    does anyone have full results

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    Hi guys,
    Good fights
    My favourite one (apart from mine) was anton and Gav.
    Well done to both it was a real battle
    I agree with the decision but it was close.
    Glad both your opponents pulled out because that was a great fight.
    Phil Faulkner still improving and going well did well to take scott down as scott does have the better stand up. (phil yours is still good but scott is better in that aspect at mo)
    Missed a couple of fights when warming up but enjoyed the ones i saw.
    Nice to see generally good sportsmanship at the show as well.
    On the opponents pulling out thanks to John for stepping in on the no head shots fight and giving some experience to a young fighter (not that your that old!)

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